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Ten Simple Steps to Selling A Home

1. Know Your Home’s Worth
Remember, your home is worth what a Buyer is willing to pay for it. Let us tell you what the market says its worth 

2. Know Your Competition
Buyers will look at ALL HOMES in their price range, in their area… highlight your home’s strengths and distract from the weaknesses.

3. What Stays and What Goes
Make a list of what you’re are 100% taking with you, 100% leaving behind, and a “maybe stay or go” list.

4. De-clutter, Deep Clean, and Detach
You’ve already made the difficult decision to sell your home, now put your emotions aside and get to work. A new, used car, still has a New Car Smell.

5. List Your Home
You actually don’t have to do anything. We take care of everything.

6. Ummm….Where Are You Moving?
You’re about to be homeless, this is the time to start looking at homes and planning your next move.

7. Maintain Composure
Keep your home in “show ready” condition and keep yourself in a good mood.

8. Negotiate the 1st Offer
There’s an unspoken rule of real estate, “your first offer is always your best offer.” Work the deal.

9. Prepare for Home Inspection
A professional is going to walk though, under and on top of your home and tell you and your buyers everything wrong with it. Don’t take it personally. Focus on the solution to each problem.

10. Close, Move, Repeat in 5-7 years.

12 Facts Every Seller Should Know

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