Do’s and Don’ts of Selling a Home

Do prepare your home for the market. Low-cost home improvements like a new coat of paint, replacing outdated or damaged fixtures, and cleaning the floors and carpets are a great way to prepare. Everything should be completed before the 1st showing!

Do pick a reputable REALTOR®. Do your homework and choose a REALTOR® that has a track record of successfully selling homes and will help you though this complicated process.

Do have a good understanding of the local real estate market. Local real estate markets can vary significantly and it’s important to know your market. This is where a good REALTOR® can provide valuable information.

Do market your home appropriately. Make sure you choose a REALTOR® that is familiar with all the latest technology to get your house in front of as many buyers as possible. In this day of Internet advertising and social media, it’s important you have someone that knows how to market your house so that it stands out from the crowd!

Do make your home move-in ready. Finish any necessary repairs and replacements before your home inspection.

Do negotiate! Negotiation is part of all sales and understanding that buyers are always looking for value and being flexible is the key. Avoid haggling over petty issues that could potentially cost you the sale.

Don’t overprice your home! Have a Real Estate Professional do a market analysis to show you what’s selling in your neighborhood. A properly priced house will attract buyers and generate offers!

Don’t make your home unavailable to potential buyers. Limit the restrictions to showing your home so that a potential buyer doesn’t walk away.

Don’t interrupt buyers while they are viewing your house. It is very important you let the buyers walk freely around the house to view it without you following them. If the buyers come with their agent, let the agent guide them through the house and let them know to direct all questions to your Realtor.