Autumn Porch

September 14, 2021

It is the first of September, and you can feel it in the air⁠—fall! With all the joys it brings, it also means fall cleaning if you are a homeowner. I enjoy cleaning my front porch, so I can put out my autumn décor. It’s such an easy way to celebrate the changing of the seasons. 

To start, remove everything from the porch and door and sweep them down. This includes the ceiling, walls, windows, railings, floor, and door. You will want to include front windows and garage doors. Remove the window screens and scrub those down before cleaning the windows and replacing them. The last cleaning step is to pressure wash or wipe down all surfaces. Now, you have a clean, fresh space to decorate.  

Now, it’s time to choose a color scheme. This is a personal choice and can be the classic orange and black, but cream and purple, green and yellow, or white and blue can all work too. You can start with what you have and build on that or pick your colors and purchase new supplies. I have a large cream pumpkin that says “welcome” I hang on my door every year; I can mix and match my colors with it.  

Some items to include are a large striped or solid outdoor rug, your smaller themed door mat, a door hanger of autumn colors or pumpkin theme, and one or two larger decorative pieces–maybe a large planter with mums, a stack or group of artificial pumpkins, or a porch sign.  You should see it all coming together and can add or take away pieces until you have your desired look.  

There you go, a fall themed porch. I love pulling up to my home every day with my pumpkins greeting me.  Plus, with my cleaning done, it will be an easy transition after Thanksgiving to my Christmas porch!