Army Worms Are Killing My Yard!

September 5, 2021

Tiny troops of army worms are munching and marching all through the lawns of East TN, leaving the once lush green grass an ugly brown color.

It has been reported there is a widespread of army worms that are overtaking lawns.  These army worms leave masses of a Styrofoam-like ball, which are actually eggs, that stick to your patio furniture or even the sides of the house.   The thing is, when they hatch, these pests can turn your once beautiful green yard to a brown, barren yard overnight.

What, if anything, can we do to protect or at least try to save our yard?  Unfortunately, nothing will ever do 100% to control these army worms.  One thing that can be done is to dump a jug of soapy water onto the eaten grass, which can make these worms surface where they can be seen.

If you see a large amount of birds in your yard, they may have found a significant food source like the battalion of army worms to eat.

Check the label on the insecticide that you use to make  sure that it does not kill the pollinator bees or butterflies.

Experts are saying that after the first killing frost, there will be no further action that would be necessary to fight off these pesky worms. So until then, I guess we just wait for the cold weather to set in to take care of the problem.