Army Worms Take Tennessee by Storm…No Pun Intended

August 31, 2021

I was driving through an almost finished new construction neighborhood yesterday and noticed how brown some of the yards were.  With the recent heavy rains, I expected to see lush, green grass.   I asked a homeowner if they had stopped watering their lawn.   Actually, the lawns were invaded by army worms!

I quickly searched army worms to see what I could find out.  We’ve had some rainy days lately here in the Knoxville area due to the aftermath of hurricanes hitting the coasts.  The army worms blew in with one of the recent heavy rains.

Since that time, they’ve wreaked havoc on many people’s lawns.  In as quick as twenty-four hours, healthy green grass will turn into brown, spotty patches after an invasion.  Once the food is gone, they move on.

On a positive note, I learned from my research that a healthy yard will recover.  In the mean time, an insecticide is about the only method to combat the little fellows and will likely take more than one application.  A gorgeous lawn provides that perfect first look and certainly helps sell a home.

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