Show in Place (Virtual Tours)

April 27, 2020

      You’re looking to purchase a house! Your lease is ending soon and rates are very attractive. BUT, COVID-19 has you barricading the front door! What are you going to do? Sign a another lease and hope you see these rates again? Call that agent that keeps hounding you & your family to go out in hazmat suits & bleach sheilds? Noooooo, there is a better way! If your agent cares about you and your family’s well being (and not just a sale), they should offer you virtual showings.
Virtual showings provide my clients the opportunity of touring a house and reduces their exposure. This way, the opportunity for touching unfamiliar surfaces(knobs, handles, switches, counters) is eliminated.

From a virtual showing you’ll see different areas of the house and decided if that’s your future home. You’ll get a feel for exactly how the house layout is. Everything from front yard/driveway views to the master suite, even the laundry room will be shown to you from the convenience of your couch. You could tour as many as 20 homes or more (depending on your binge watch habits)! And once you’ve found that house that speaks to you, contact me, James Rhyan, Jr. Your 865 Realtor® with a 901#!