Curb Appeal

April 14, 2020

Sellers always want to know how to make their home sell better. Well to start, let’s look at curb appeal.

The first impression is the front of your home (i.e. curb appeal).

Stand in front of your house and look at the following–

Roof – Your roof should be clear of debris (e.g. leaves and sticks).

Gutters and Down Spouts – These should be attached properly to the house and clean of debris. Down spouts should be attached properly and directed away from the house.

Brick or Siding – These should be clean of dirt, mold, and mildew. May need to be pressure washed. House number attached with visibility from the street.

Windows and Light Fixtures – Clean all windows and screens. Make sure light fixtures are appealing and are working properly.

Driveway and Sidewalk – Pressure washing your concrete will greatly improve your curb appeal.

Landscaping – Shrubs should be placed and designed to enhance the color and beauty of the house decor. They should be trimmed so as not to block windows and doors. Shrub beds should have mulch or straw with defined beds. Add a few summer flowers or azaleas to bring a WOW of colors to your yard.

Grass – Grass should be of good cover, without weeds, cut, and edged.

Mailbox – Make sure your mailbox is in good order, standing straight and clean, and marked with house numbers.

Clutter – Remove all clutter visible from the front of the house. Clutter like trash cans, old cars, boats, trailers, RV, toys, satellite dishes, and HVAC systems should not be in the front view of the house.

“For Sale” Sign – should be in plain sight, clean, and standing up straight.

If you take some time to do the little things outside, it will attract buyers to eagerly view the inside.


Danny Holloway – Realtor, Southland Realtors

(865) 256-3147