Spring Clean Like You Mean It – What To Do If You Are Thinking About Selling Your Home

March 5, 2020

You’ve lived in it.  You’ve loved it. But now, you’re ready to leave it.  If you’re thinking of selling your house, spring is the perfect time to start prepping.  Check out the following preparations you can make now to sell your home later. 

Step 1: Eggs-cuse me, I need a REALTOR®.  

I know. I know. It seems WAY too soon for that.  I mean, you’re not even positive that you’re ready to sell, BUT a licensed REALTOR® knows the market and knows what buyers want.  An agent will be able to tell you what types of home improvement projects will end up paying off their investment. They can give you tips for curb appeal and staging your home, AND perhaps most importantly, they can give you an idea of the value of homes in your area and what you might expect your home to sell for.

Step 2: Sunny Side up, please

Oftentimes, buyers drive by a house they’re interested in or, at the least, look at photos of the listing on the internet.  If it looks like Oscar the Grouch might pop out of a window, they’re not likely to ask for a showing. If, however, the lawn is green, the hedges are trimmed, and the door and shutters are freshly painted, they’ll want to know more about what’s inside this little gem.

Step 3:  Dying to know what to do?

Home improvement projects can be the difference in a quick full-price sale and a market stalemate.  It’s important to know which ones will be worth your investment. You don’t want to spend $3,000 on new carpet only for potential buyers to say, “We would replace this with hardwood.”  Realtors can give great advice on what types of projects are going to be worth your time and energy.

Step 4: Make room for new peeps.

Minimize the Big Stuff. If you’ve lived in your home for a while, it’s likely you’ve accumulated extra “treasures.”  Keep in mind that not all buyers are visionaries. Just because you know how large your living room looks without the sectional and entertainment cabinet doesn’t mean that buyers can visualize that.  Move out non-essential furniture or large items that seem to “shrink” the room. Consider minimal and simple decor choices. The simpler the look, the more the potential buyers can envision their own belongings and style in the space.

Step 5: Don’t Worry. Be Hoppy. 

Minimize the Small Stuff.  Start cleaning out cabinets, drawers, and closets.  Donate or sell things you no longer want or use. If you’re feeling confident about selling, go ahead and pack up things that are extras or rarely in use – I’m lookin’ at you, Nana’s china.  Not only will this save you a ton of time and energy later, but it’ll make you feel good in the now.  

It’s a great time to put a house on the market, but don’t Eggs-haust yourself in the process. Make good decisions about improvement projects, inside and out, minimize your belongings, and contact a REALTOR®!