So You Are Still Showing Houses

March 27, 2020

Showing Houses Has Changed in the Last Few Weeks, but We Are Still in Business.. and for Good Reason!
It would be irresponsible to not make changes in response to COVID-19; therefore, it is important that these changes are properly communicated to my clients prior to arriving on location. In the past, a client could call me and off we went to their property of choice. Upon arrival, I shook their hand or gave them a hug and promptly entered the property. We opened cabinets, closets, and pantries to check their size. We opened and closed doors and windows to all rooms in the house.  Outside of personal property, if they wanted to see it… we looked at it!
How does that look now?  Before leaving the house, my clients are properly prequalified with a reputable local lender or a lender of their choice.  I realize this has always been good business practice but why is this even more important now? Sellers are hesitant to open their homes to “tire kickers” and want to make sure the risk of allowing strangers in their home is worth the reward of selling their home to a qualified buyer. My buyers are warned upon arrival that I will show up 5-10 minutes before them to unlock the house, open any doors, and cabinets to allow them to enter the home without touching one item in the home.  I ask the buyers to remove their shoes upon entering the home and have shoe covers if they cannot.  I now carry gloves, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer at all times. My buyers are warned and agree that when we meet, we will not shake hands or do anything to physically come in contact with each other.  In fact, I let them know that we will maintain a distance of 6 feet or more from each other.  I no longer agree to showings with multiple agents at the same time to ensure my clients are not put at risk.  I do my very best to make all of this feel normal to help put my clients and sellers at ease. Yes, you read that right… I have a responsibility to protect the sellers of the homes I enter, too.
Some folks ask why I do not stay at home and stop showing houses and the answer for me is simple, my clients need a place to live and sellers have a need to sell their home. Many shoppers right now are not shopping because they are bored or because they want a different house. Many shoppers right now do not have a place to call home; their house sold and they have no where to put their family to shelter in place.  Many sellers are selling because they have been relocated or going through a major life change.  Until we are considered nonessential, I will continue to carefully, respectfully, and analytically represent the best interests of my clients, my peers, and sellers.  My peers have jokingly said to me that I am in my element since I am such a germophobe. Be a germophobe with me and stay safe out there!  Remember, we are all in this together, yet separate.
If you are looking for an agent to help you buy or sell your home… I am your gal!