Three Tips & Three Tools for the Pantry

October 24, 2021

No matter what size pantry you have, it can be hard to organize. There are some tools that can help. I will also share three tips to help keep it organized.

The lazy Susan or the turntable comes in different sizes; I would look for the small to medium size so you can place more than one on the top shelf. This is good for smaller items that tend to get lost when things start to pile up.  You can purchase one single-level or tiered. They also come in many colors and materials. Choose something to match your kitchen or pantry style.

The over-the-door organizer is going to give you the added space you’ve been looking for. I suggest putting commonplace items here, things your reach for everyday. Not only are they easy to reach, you will easily keep an eye on when you are getting low and can add those to your shopping list.

A rolling cart for the bottom of the pantry is my last tool suggestion.  You can make a cleaning cart, a baking cart, a coffee cart, etc. Pull it out to use, and roll it back in when you’re finished.  You can now use that space for more than those rarely-used kitchen appliances (although you could make a cart for that, too!). Again, choose a style to complement those lazy Susans from above.

The first tip may sound simple but will greatly improve your organization and ability to find things. Organize your panty by zones. Put like items and items frequently used together in the same zone. If you are just getting started, start with one shelf and go from there.  There are no rules, group in a way that makes sense to you.

Next, place your items with the closest expiration date near the front. When you purchase new items, place them behind those already on the shelf.  This is common practice in restaurants and grocery stores.  It is a good practice and, not only keeps food fresh, but also limits waste (i.e. saves you money).

My third tip is a big one. Work your pantry organization and cleaning into your weekly cleaning schedule. You’ve worked hard to organize your items, so lets keep it that way. Take 10 minutes once a week to make sure items are grouped and organized by date. Throw away any expired foods and donate any not likely to be consumed.

Your pantry is now organized and ready to use . You can decide how to group and what shelves to use for different groupings. No more searching for the paprika while the chili is simmering!