Modern Farmhouse Style

October 4, 2021

Modern farmhouse is a very inviting style.  If we look at your home from room to room, simple changes can garnish oohs and ahs and compliments galore. This decorating style is about muted colors and rustic decor, but also about minimalism. Removing things will be as important as the things we add.

Let’s look at your living room first. Because the color scheme here is pale grays and whites, you need to take away all bold colors. Rugs, art, and lampshades can be removed and replaced in those farmhouse colors giving the room the muted look. Because these colors can work with almost any sofa, we are eliminating the need to purchase new furniture. Replacing decorative pillows with larger throw pillows with stripes, tassels, or arrows gives the room a feel of comfort. Everything is taken from the shelves and mantle, and fewer items take their place. The focus here is mixed wood and metal, distressed and farmhouse items like wood candlesticks, a windowpane mirror, and a small plant (real or faux).

Moving into the dining room, you will again remove all bold colors.  If you have a wooden table, you can leave it or paint it black or white. If you need a wooden table, buy secondhand. Chairs need to be different from the table. You can easily add slipcovers or thick chair pads; either work. Just keep those colors muted or striped. If you want to purchase a dining bench or 2 chairs for the ends, you can accomplish the look without the expense of buying all new chairs. Sheer curtains and a single large print with a scripture, hymn, or song lyric finish the room.

Remove all the clutter from your countertops in the kitchen. You can leave your wooden or metal spoon rest, cutting boards, and cookbook stand. Add a tiered serving tray for the finishing touch. The curtains and area rug are, again, in the pale colors, leaving the emphasis on those few rustic décor items.

The bedroom will have two options. For the first, you will change to a tall padded headboard or a metal bed. This will be the focal point of the room so go for cream or gray, just go for the opposite color with the bedding. A wood bench will be added at the foot of bed. Option two is to paint your wooden bed, white, black or gray with the contrasting bedding. Keep the muted, simple colors going and the minimalist décor. Remember the large throw pillows and framed quote from the living room? Do the same here. Add a  corner chair if there is room or a large basket for smaller spaces.

You now have a modern farmhouse feel. Just remember to keep those bright, bold colors put away. Minimize the number of items on shelves and countertops. Rustic simplicity without the shiplap!