How to Choose the Perfect Realtor®

October 21, 2019


It makes no difference if this is your first time, or if you are an experienced home buyer or seller, choosing a befitting Realtor® can be just as important as choosing the right home! Being a Realtor® is not the same as being an agent. A Realtor® is a licensed agent that has been properly trained and adheres to all National Association of Realtors (NAR) standards and requirements. A savvy Realtor® studies the market and understands recent trends and how those trends will impact your experience.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when narrowing your search:

1) References please! Do not be afraid to ask for references. Check their reviews on Google, Zillow®, Trulia®, or any other site you are using. Just because your friend referred an agent or Realtor® does not necessarily mean they will be a good fit for you and your needs.

2) What experience does your Realtor® have? Check to see how many transactions they have completed within the past year. Some potential home buyers/sellers prefer only experienced Realtors® while others find themselves a higher priority when using a unseasoned Realtor® who is eager to get a jump start on their new career. Either way, it is imperative your Realtor® also be a top quality negotiator.

3) Interview several licensed professionals before making a decision. It is important that you feel your Realtor® has your best interests in mind. Look for professionalism, ethical awareness, and someone that clearly knows what they are doing. Do not discount chemistry; you should feel at ease and confident in the home buying/selling experience after speaking with your right fit. It is crucial that you be comfortable giving your Realtor® feedback throughout the process, and they need to be comfortable being on the receiving end.

4) Know the costs! Not all Realtors® are created equal, and neither are their fees. As a buyer, it is important to know that, on most occasions, using a Realtor® is not an upfront expense. Buyer’s agent fees are typically paid by the seller. Never use a selling agent as a buyer’s agent; these roles have separate responsibilities and obligations. As a seller, the cheapest fee may not always be the best deal. Agents who discount their rates may be doing so to compensate for their lack of experience or sales. On the flip-side, the most expensive fee does not necessarily mean you are getting the quality you deserve; you could be working with an overly eager agent.

5) Look for conviction and passion! This industry is hard, and not everyone is cut out for it. You should feel a sense of energy and excitement for the opportunity to earn your business.

6) Look for honesty. Not all houses are in good condition, and your professional should be able to warn you if they see something that is concerning rather than push it under the rug to get the sale. Just as important, your Realtor® should be able to give you honest feedback on what it will take to get the most out our your home’s worth without insulting you, and he or she should be able to give you realistic expectations on today’s market and how that will impact you.

7) Communication is key! Not everyone has the same desires for communication. It is important to establish how frequently you would like to communicate with your Realtor®. Do you prefer text, emails, or calls? Effectively matching your desire for communication is critical to hit required deadlines and help you feel more at ease during what is commonly known to be a stressful process.

8) Go with your gut! You should trust your intuition rather than someone over-inflating their value.

After all, you want your property to sell for the highest value, and you want to get the best deal when purchasing a home. Do not be fooled by someone who will not get the desired results!

Brandi Crass is an affiliate broker with Southland Realtors. Feel free to contact her directly at 865-323-7723 or via email at for all of your real estate needs!