Fireplace Mantle Decor

October 21, 2021

You finally have the fireplace you’ve always wanted. Now, how do you stage the mantle? I have some simple suggestions to get you started.

First, let’s find an anchor. This is the large decorative piece for the center of your space. Large means 1/2 up to 3/4 the width of your mantle. The ceiling height will determine the height of your piece. For a lower ceiling, look for a horizontal or oval object. For vaulted ceilings, go more vertical. You can choose a large clock, mirror or picture.  Make it something you love and don’t be afraid to switch it out or try a few different options.

Next, we want to balance the ends. You can do this a few ways; you can match your ends or mix. This is also a personal choice, just keep the weight of your objects balanced. A vase or lantern on one side with two or three candle sticks of varying height on the other, or a large candle opposite two or three stacked hardback books are some examples.

Finally, let’s talk about depth. This is where you will find your fillers and where you will stack, overlap, or layer objects. Vary your heights, weights, and materials here to make it your own. With your anchor and ends in place, you can play around until you have the look you are happy with. My fillers are switched out with the seasons, while my centerpiece and ends typically stay the same.

There you go. Mantle decorating made easy! Anchor, balance and then fill for visual satisfaction.