Four Must Fall Home Repairs

September 22, 2021

As the days get shorter, and the temperatures start dropping, we also spend more time inside. There are some things we can do now that not only help us enjoy the warm indoors but also help maintain our home. Here are four suggested home repairs.

First, clean the gutters. Channeling gallons of water a year away from your home, gutters can become clogged with fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris. Be sure you are inspecting as you clean, or hire a professional company to do both. Gutter guards or added mesh can help keep them clear. If your home needs new gutters, now is a great time to protect your home and enhance the curb appeal.

Next, you want to check all doors and windows in your home. By replacing caulk and weather stripping, you can lower your energy bill. An easy way to look for drafts is to hold a candle close to the frames and look for the flame to flicker. This is a simple, cost efficient repair all homeowners can do.

As you prepare for cooler weather, your home’s furnace should be checked. You should change your filter; this not only helps your unit run efficiently but also keeps the air quality in your home high. Keep in mind, all homes are different, and filters need to be changed frequently based on your individual home. You will also want to hire a professional to service your system to keep it running smoothly through fall, winter, and spring.

The final suggestion is to prep your fireplace. Your wood burning fireplace should be cleaned once a year by a professional chimney sweep. Ask them to check the chimney masonry, cap, damper, and firebricks, and do those repairs now. Electric or gas fireplaces need cleaned and fired up to make sure they are working correctly. Service companies will be easier to schedule now rather than in colder months when they are busy with heating emergencies. Don’t forget to check your smoke and CO₂ detectors as well as the fire extinguisher.

Now, it’s time to grab a cup of coffee or cocoa. Let’s light the fire. You can sit back and relax in your warm home!