Why Be a Realtor®

February 23, 2020

Although days are stressful at times, I have never had a career that has been this rewarding. Think about it, for the most part my car is my office so I am never trapped between four walls for any extended period of time. I get the opportunity to meet new people daily and more often than not, I gain new friends in the process. I know where to find the best deals for everything house related.  Literally everything, if you need a qualified professional for electric, plumbing, roofing, HVAC, foundation, mold, flooring, sheetrock, countertops, cabinets, general contracting and the list goes on and on… I’ve got you! I can even show you how to get a discount when making product purchases at big box chain stores and know where to find the small mom and pops shops that give you deep discounts. If you need a Realtor® in Florida, California, Alaska… I’ve got you!

Everyday I get to see lives changed for the better! When I send a client to my most respected lender, you know who you are, I know I am putting my clients in excellent hands. In fact, when I refer out the best of the best, I am helping change their lives too. They all have families to feed and bills to pay. I take pride in surrounding myself with the absolute best in the industry and love to flood them with business to help their careers grow as much as mine has grown.

My industry peers are absolutely amazing. When you work with fellow agents that realize we are all on the same team to get both of our clients to the closing table successfully there is a certain Zen to it. I have had the privilege to move from just a colleague to actual friends. Regardless of where they work, the ones that get it, truly get it!

Speaking of where I work, I have the privilege to come and go as I please. I have no desk fee. I have no one breathing down my back to hit production goals. I have no fear of being fired or reprimanded. In fact, I have an amazing support staff, outstanding owners, great coworkers, and an environment that prides itself on being my family. My office is beautiful, clean, inviting, and well stocked with refreshments of all types to share with my clients when needed. We have an onsite design center, property management, title, mortgage, and even landscaping. We are literally a one-stop shop! Most of all, I feel heard. There is no need for an “open-door policy” because the door is literally open and without fail, every single time I have walked through that door, I have left with what I needed.

My clients, I could write an entire book about how blessed I am to serve my clients. One of the best compliments I received was after a showing we stayed and talked for what felt like a few minutes but in reality, was quite a bit longer. When we started off to our separate cars, my client simply said, “Thank you.” I nonchalantly responded with, “My pleasure.” This client stopped me in my tracks and explained why he was thanking me. He had met with over 10 other agents and not one of them took the time to get to know him. He said he felt like he was just a number to them and they were always so rushed to leave to get to the next big deal. Honestly, I had not thought one thing about stopping and chatting with him. He was a pleasant man and I enjoyed getting to know him better. That simple thank you struck a chord with me and stays with me when I am feeling rushed. I hear his voice saying, thank you for getting to know a little more about me.

My day is about problem solving, filling the needs of others, and making it all look like it was effortless. If you need a hardworking, dedicated, driven Realtor®… I’ve got you!