Home Staging To Sell

February 11, 2020

You have decided to sell your home and have done all the repairs, all the cleaning and have jumped in with two feet!  Your home is ready … or is it? Home staging is decorating your home to show prospective buyers how your home could be the one for them. 

In today’s world of Fixer Upper and HGTV one would think most buyers could see the potential of a home. The truth is most people can’t.  Staging can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. 

Soft staging is rearranging or adding a few small purchases to spruce up your home.  If using your own things, the cost of soft staging is minimal. It may be adding or subtracting things from a room or making something a focal point. Have a favorite vase or platter you only pull out for special occasions? Clean those kitchen counters and place them front and center! Thinking of buying new towels or shower curtains for your new home? Go ahead and purchase and place them for buyers to see, just be sure not to use the towels until you move so they stay crisp and fresh.  Your realtor can help with soft staging or recommend a professional. You can also search online. Pinterest is a great place to start. 

Full staging is usually done by a professional, this will be an expense but could be the factor of selling your home the first week or month or 6 months later. The stager may use their own furnishings, dishes, even wall hangings. They may stage every room or may focus on the main living areas – living room, kitchen and master, etc.  Full staging is wonderful for an empty home, sellers having an emotional time about moving, and a home located in a neighborhood with other homes for sale. Again, your realtor can help you find a stager to fit your budget and timeline. 

As a seller, you want your home to sell and the faster this happens, the sooner you can move on. While home staging will not add value to your home, it can help your home sell sooner, and that is priceless. Talk to your agent today and good luck selling your home!